Whether you prefer bourbon or scotch, are a sipper or prefer a shot, whether you spell it whisky or whisky, if you're a connoisseur of the good stuff or know someone who is, you'll find the love of whisky runs deep - deep enough that many whisky lovers get a kick out of surrounding themselves with all things whisky. Let's take a look at some fun Christmas gift items for the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

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1. An Age Your Own Whisky Kit

Sadly, we can't all afford our own distillery, but never tell us we can't dream! For those who dare to dream, it's time to turn those dreams into reality with the Age Your Own Whisky Kit. Ok, so technically it's not a distillery, but it is close enough for government work, as they say. This kit includes two full bottles of un-aged White Dog whisky, a litre aging barrel, and a couple of tasting glasses. Pour the whisky in the barrel, cork it up and voila! 6 months later, you'll be indulging in your own unique blend.


2. Whisky Advent Calendar

Since we're talking about the ho ho holy-days here, nothing will help you remember the reason for the season like your own Whisky themed Advent Calendar. 24 special days and 24 unique flavours to sample. Remember, this calendar is only for the grownups!  

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3. Whisky Order subscription

Want to get someone a gift that keeps on giving? The Whisky Order (um.. that's us by the way) give you, or a splendid giftee if they are so lucky, a nice collection of whisky samples delivered every month. Prices start at $59.95 AUD with free delivery.

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4. 160 Bottles of your Own Whisky  

So you've tried all the whiskies and you're feeling like a jaded snowflake. Till a new distillery opens, there's just no excitement left for you. But wait - what if you could make your own custom blend? The Mississippi River Distilling Company offer a deluxe deal where there will produce thirty gallons of your own whisky. You can set all the important parameters, decide how long to age, and the desired proof. At $3,952, this one is for the serious whisky lovers or moderate whisky lovers with stacks of cash without a purpose laying around, but remember, at 80 proof, you'll net out about 160 bottles of whisky, bringing the price to about $18 a bottle. Kind of a bargain when you think of it in those terms.  


5. Vintage Whisky Barrel Coffee Table

Feeling the need to accessorise the man cave? Need to offset the gingham couch your wife insisted on? Nothing speaks to your masculine roots like a vintage whisky barrel coffee table. Converted from handmade casks used in a Tennessee based distillery, you'll feel your testosterone levels rising as you prop your feet up on this bad boy. The surface lifts up so you can store your whisky, car magazines and other man cave essentials in the keg portion of the table. Humbly priced at about $590, it's cheaper, safer and gets more miles to the litre than that sports car you've been ogling.  


6. Recycled Jack Daniels Whisky Bottle Soap Dispenser  

A pump, sealant and tube designed to fit a 200ml through 1 Litre Jack Daniels bottle can be obtained for a mere $8.23 It's a good DIY project for the whisky lover and assures you can feel the whisky love even when washing your hands. Simply use an old Jack Daniels bottle, fill with your favourite liquid soap, and replace with the cap with the pump mechanism. This gift is fun and affordable.  


7. Bourbon Marshmallows

Because why not? Made from bourbon sourced from one of Kentucky's best distilleries, this mouth-watering treat can be enjoyed plain, roasted over an open fire, or elevate cocoa to a whole new level.

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8. Portland General Store Whisky Aftershave Splash  

Who says whisky isn't for work hours? If you're looking for a top shelf aftershave to sooth those burns and irritations, a whisky aftershave splash is just the ticket! There's no drying alcohol, and it's all natural. It features sea kelp extract, blue-green algae, tea tree essential oil and soothing aloe vera. There's no actual whisky, but it's whisky adjacent, and sometimes that just has to be enough.

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9. Ravenscroft Crystal Bevelled BladeDecanter

While whisky doesn't require decanting for breathing, it can just look a whole lot more awesome when served from a lead-free crystal decanter. Hand cut by old world European craftsmen, this decanter will hold .96 kilograms of your favourite spirits.

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10. 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die

Be a man on a mission. As a man on a mission, you understand the importance of creating a well thought out plan. Whisky aficionado Ian Buxton has let his taste buds take the hit so yours doesn't have to. Buxton tried a whole lot of whiskies, and we can assume they weren't all good, but he was able to identify 101 you should try before you die. Sample the best 101 whiskies out there, and remember to pour one out for tippler extraordinaire Ian in recognition of his life's work.

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11. Balls of Steel Whisky Drink Coolers  

Do we even need to explain why every man needs balls of steel? Because they just do, ok. This creative alternative to whisky stones will keep your drink chilled without the watered down taste that comes with ice. Made of stainless steel, these balls stand up to the cold with no shrinkage, guaranteed.

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There are some fine gifts available this holiday season for the person who wants something a little off beat.

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