Starward Single Malt Australian Whisky

Starward Australia’s New World Whisky Distillery has only been around for a few years, but already it’s a favourite whisky among many connoisseurs of Australian Single Malt Whisky. Before trying this young recipe many consumers might ask if this whisky can really compete with so many fine, long-established brands on the market. How is a fine taste possible, if the best whiskies are left to mature for over a decade?

New methods and distilling techniques have made it possible to create the familiar flavours one might expect from a whisky that took much longer to produce. This whisky might be made using new methods and the aging process may not take quite as long, but the flavour compares to high quality aged whiskies that are offered on the traditional market.

The Starward Distilling and Aging Process

Meeting all of the qualities one might expect from a premium traditional aged whisky, this whisky is crafted and aged in a new and quite possibly improved way. The whisky is not aged in the dark in casks; instead it is aged in casks which are stacked vertically!

The climate in Melbourne, Australia is unpredictable and ever changing, so the idea of stacking the casks vertically is implemented to prevent the higher rate of evaporation that some weather changes and climate instability might cause. The reason the casks are stored in this manner is so that the casks can move, which brings more of the liquid into contact with the wooden parts of the special barrels.

The barrels are made using 20-50 year old Apera (Australian sherry) casks. The barrels have been specially selected and refurbished for use. The barrels are each re-sized, new copper bands are applied and then the barrels are re-toasted. These preparations are performed in house to make sure they are ready for service.

New World Whisky Distillery's Ingredients

New World Whisky Distillery has chosen to use only the finest organic ingredients which are then blended by master distillers. Using a 100% Australian barley blend and cooking up batches in small copper stills, these master distillers have been known to put out some of the best beer, ale and whisky available to consumers today.

Using modern technology the master distillers can monitor the aging process which has made possible a prediction of development for each barrel.

The Flavour of Starward

Starward tastes nothing like young whisky. In fact, you would never think there was any difference in production or aging between this and something far older. New World Distillery has captured the flavour of a fine, old fashioned, traditionally-aged whisky, a flavour which can be found in every bottle produced.

However, there is a touch of something new that will come as a pleasant surprise to all who taste this delightful whisky.

Tasting notes include caramelized banana, which makes the flavour of Starward even more delicious and remanicent of a Speyside dram.

The Fragrance

With the wonderful aroma of a fruit orchard, raisins, figs and the hint of vanilla which provides a wonderful fragrance in the glass more like an aged, ripe whisky than a new whisky. The fragrance of the sherry barrels also adds another twist to the aroma of the mixture.

Starward is proof that New World Distillery has what it takes to be around for many years producing fine spirits that all whisky enthusiasts can fall in love with.

Wine Cask

In 2015 New World Whisky released an update to the Starward range - The Wine Cask Edition. This update is truely reflective of the Australian culture of experimentation and trying something new. Matured solely in Australian Red Wine casks, this dark dram has distinct wine flavours combined with the fruity sweetness of the standard Starward fare.