Whisky has been a beloved gentlemans drink for generations, often being referred to as the ‘Water of Life’. The traditions associated with this spirit are as old as time and while women will often drink whisky, it has been known as The Gentleman’s Drink throughout the ages.

Wondering exactly how the whisky traditions got started and how they apply to you and your consumption? You need not look any further!


Many men have their favourite whisky glass, which may be known by several different names such as tumbler, tulip glass, snifter or glencairn. In the early years, the basic tumbler is what would often be seen in the hands of gentlemen, but as distilleries became more sophisticated and specific in their brewing practices, the use of snifters became much more common.

This was due, in large part, to blended and single malts that were available in an ever growing variety. As distilleries refined their processes, the aroma of the whisky was important and the snifter is what would allow for the aroma to be truly appreciated by the connoisseur.

Are you without this whisky essential? The Gentleman’s Drink is all the better out of the proper sipping accoutrements, so now is the time to make that change!


If you ask a dozen whisky loving gentlemen whether one adds ice to his snifter or not, you will likely find that the answers are split down the middle. This is a dilemma that goes back through the ages. If you want to look into the oldest and most well-known whisky establishments and distilleries, you’ll find that ice is not a part of the equation. In fact, you will likely find that there are not mixers offered at all, although some will offer a glass of water alongside the whisky. The water is used to "cut" the whisky by adding a few drops. This changes the flavours of the whisky ever so slightly and can even unlock new and wonderful tastes and smells.

Why does a Gentleman often avoid the ice? The idea is to experience the whisky as it is, with nothing to take away from the taste of the whisky itself. This is important for those wanting a pure whisky experience, something the Gentleman Whisky drinker desires.

A glass of water alongside the whisky is also advised to cleanse the palette, if need be, and doing so will actually allow the taste buds to enjoy more subtle characteristics of the drink.

Don’t enjoy whisky without the ice? There is absoluteley nothing wrong with doing it your way, as the idea is that YOU should truly enjoy your whisky the way YOU want to.

Whether you do it the traditional way or not is all up to you and your taste buds.


Whisky is a drink that is meant to be sipped; to be consumed as an experience rather than a quick drink. A gentleman needn’t rush to consume his whisky. No one wants to race through a pleasant experience; instead it makes sense to slow down and enjoy.

Adding cola to your whisky takes away from the experience as it waters down the flavour, and you’ll find yourself drinking the wonderful malts far too quickly without the keen sense of enjoyment.

A gentleman embraces whisky without the added sweetness or bubbliness of cola, so always, always forgo the cola.


The world of whisky is vast. There is a plethora of whisky’s to try, so if you don’t find one particularly appealing, try another.

Even if you have favourites, the gentleman never stops seeking the flavour of one of the most traditionally masculine drinks throughout history.